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The Top-25 Beer Drinkin' Movies of All-Time

There was a gigantic panel of 1, albeit an experienced one, that came up with this top 25. Many films missed the list for various reasons. Some were left off because they just stink("Beer(1978)" and "Beer League"). Others because they were about other alcoholic beverages with little beer quotient("Arthur", "Cocktail/close!", "Tree's Lounge"). The list is heavy on movies of the last 3-4 decades, and for good reason. Beer, once a taboo subject for filmmakers, gained 'steam' in the 80's with the party/boob comedies of the era. The '70s broke the ice, but the '80s put beer front and center.

Great beer scenes, beer plots, a reverence for beer, and overall quality played a factor in these rankings. The movies must have been enjoyable( I think?) and even more enjoyable to drink along.

So, without further ado, let's look at the Top-25 Beer Drinking Movies of All-Time.

let's start with a just missed(in no particular order):PCU, Fraternity Vacation, Cocktail, Hot Dog:The Movie, The Hangover, Project X, Bachelor Party, Diggstown

25. Bachelor Party 2:The Last Temptation
Not a terrible effort for a sequel that was produced decades later with different actors. This film has a little more focus on the suds with characters and extras than the original did. I'm not saying it's a better movie, because it's not.  Movie Rating 5.5/10 Beer Rating 8/10 Trailer:

24. Office Space
Fantastic comedy isn't all that beer heavy, but there's more there than you might remember. Love the Molson Ice! Plus, the whole anti-establishment vibe is perfect for relaxing with a beer. Movie Rating 10/10 Beer Rating 3/10 Scene:

23. Smokey and the Bandit
The entire plot is centered around the transportation of beer. A young, hot Sally Field, and a black legendary Firebird also help the cause. Movie Rating 7/10 Beer Ratings 4/10 Scene:

22. A Good Old Fashioned Orgy
Lots of beer, loads of sex and nice New England Summers.
Movie Rating 6/10 Beer Rating 4/10 Trailer:

21. Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel
75% of the film is shot in a pub. It's a fun little movie to enjoy with a pint.
Movie Rating 6/10 Beer Rating 4/10 Trailer:

20. 22 Jump Street
SUre, the hazing scene is probably what catipulted this average at best flick onto the list, but it's a great scene. Movie Rating 5/10 Beer Rating 6.5/10 Trailer:

19. Drinking Buddies
Not as light-hearted or funny as some of the other entries, but it's better that most movies who's entire plot is centered around the subject of beer. Movie Rating 5/10 Beer Rating 7/10 Trailer:

18. Slap Shot
I left Goon off the list because it didn't have quite as much beer drinking as Slap Shot. Movie Rating 8/10 Beer Rating 3/10 Scene:

17. Spring Break
Wet-T-shirts, Beer-Chugging, etc. Not the best movie, but it's still loads of fun with beer.
Movie Rating 4/10 Beer Rating 8/10 Clip:

16. 21 and Over
Miles Teller is very funny in this one. This flick is not only heavy on the drinking theme, but it's also a fantastic drinking-game flick - take a swig every time they mention the name "Jeff Chang". Good luck.
Movie Rating 6.5/10 Beer Rating 6/10 Scene:

15.I Love You Man
One great scene catapulted this comedy onto the list. Movie Rating 6/10 Beer Rating 7/10 Trailer:

14. Every Which Way But Loose
The beer quotient on this little late-70's flick is MUCH higher than you would imagine. Some fighting, an orangutan, and a surly beer carrying Clint. There is a beer in the screen for nearly half the film.
Movie Rating 6/10 Beer Rating 7/10 Scene:

13. Old School
It isn't quite as heavy on the beer drinking as it appears, but it IS a funny/good movie and that helps its' rating a bit here. Blue! Movie Rating 7/10 Beer Rating 6/10 Scene:

12. Bad New Bears
Walter Mathau carries a beer through 90 minutes of the movie, and a good movie at that. Movie Rating 7/10 Beer Rating 7/10 Scene:

11. Dazed and Confused
Any movie that fills the trunk of a 70's hot-rod with beer is just fine with me. At first glance it appears to be more about another drug, but the beer is all over this funny film. One of many themes of "the search for beer" on the list. Movie Rating 8/10 Beer Rating 7/10 Scene:

Here's a great little film from over the pond with easily the best beer plot of the lot. Pub-goers must stay drunk to stay unappealing to the flesh eating monsters that have invaded their seaport town.
Movie Rating 6/10 Beer Rating 9/10 Trailer:

9. Revenge of the Nerds
The beer-tri-cycle race is perhaps the greatest scene in the history of film. A belching contest. Beer-chugging on the horse-keg. This deserves a top-ten spot. Movie Rating 8/10 Beer Rating 8.5/10 Scene:

8. Superbad
This film moves-up the list based on the sheer effort involved in scoring some beer underage. It captures the essence of that plight and the reward is just as fullfilling. Funny movie. Movie Rating 8/10 Beer Rating 8.5/10 Scene:

7. Animal House
The quentessential party film? Certainly the first great one.
Movie Rating 8.5/10 Beer Rating 8/10 Scene:

6.Up the Creek
Ah, the sound of cascading empty beer cans can be heard throughout this Oscar-worthy film. When empties fall out of the cherokee doors every time they open - you know you've found yourself a hardcore beer-drinkin' film.
Movie Rating 8/10 Beer Rating 9/10 Scene:

5.Ski School
There is an unbelievably emotional scene when a beer spills. Marshak is a God.
Movie Rating 7/10 Beer Rating 9.5/10 Promo TV Teaser:

4.Let it Ride
Here's a film that oozes with beer reverence. From "Here Trotter, have yourself a nice beer", to "the head of the beer contains everything you need for survival, your a's, your b's, your c's.". Plus, it's just a blast to drink a few and watch this movie. Good things come to those who drink beer.
Movie Rating 8/10 Beer Rating 8.5/10 Scene:

3.The World's End
Four High School friends embark on a mission to finish the Golden Mile, a 12-pub, 12-pint crawl across their English hometown. Beautiful British Beer! Grab yourself a cold Fuller's ESB and hit play on the bluray. Movie Rating 7.5/10 Beer Rating 9.5/10 Opening:

2. Beerfest
The opening disclaimer tells you all you need to know,"WaRNING: if you attempt to drink this much, you will die". Hilarious movie! Under-rated. Movie Rating 8/10 Beer Rating 10/10 Scene:

1.Strange Brew
"as we spent most of our time searching for beer, eh". Strange Brew is a side-splitting, beer-drinking movie of the highest caliber. Mice in beer bottles, dog bowls filled with beer, working at a brewery, drinking off the line, laced-beer mind-control hockey, putting out a fire with piss,..  I mean this is the Holy Grail of beer drinkin' movies.
Movie Rating 8/10 Beer Rating 10+/10 Scene:

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