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The 25 Biggest Flops of the '90s

Alright. It's subjective. These aren't necessarily box-office flops per say, but they're are NOT good movies. I wouldn't fall into that nit-pick/criticize-every little flaw kind of movie-goer, but I do know when I've been duped. A lot of these films gladly took my money and my 2 hours, and left me standing there like a kid who's Ice Cream cone just fell-over.

All these films grossed over 20 million bucks at the domestic box-office.

Just Missed List:
Batman Forever
Dick Tracy

So without further ado let's look at the Top 25 Biggest Flops of the '90s:

25.The Rock(1996)
I know I'm gonna get some criticism for this one, but I really don't care. How this piece of crap is sitting at 7.4 on IMDB is totally beyond me. It's so cliche', so predictable, and so unrealistic it makes my skin crawl. Everything about the premise is totally ridiculous. The last half-hour is about as messy as movies get. Almost nothing works here. Sure, there are some good action sequences, but they're always illogical, pointless, and truly the focus of the film. If you take one second to think about the characters or the plot, your head will explode. I'm not a Michael Bay fan. He knows how to go big, but my brain spills out my ears everytime I go see his movies.  Grossed 134 Million   My Rating 4/10

24.Runaway Bride(1999)
Impossibly stupid. This film cashed-in on those hoping for another "Pretty Woman".
Grossed 152 Million My Rating 3.5/10

23.Space Jam(1996)
Grossed 90 Million My Rating 3.5/10

Some of the concepts and cinematography are commendable. That was me saying something nice about Waterworld. Now give me my money back! Grossed 88 Million My Rating 3/10

21.The Color of Night(1994)
If you made it to the twist, you win. I don't how the (*#%  you did it, but you did it. Makes me yearn for Die Hard 6:Dying for it to be Over.  Grossed 21 Million My Rating 3/10

20.The Distinguished Gentleman(1992)
This was that regrettable period in my life when two Comedy Icons, Eddie Murphy and Robin Williams, were neck and neck making some of the worst movies to come out of Hollywood. Grossed 46 Million My Rating 3/10

19.A Night at the Roxbury(1998)
I'm not sure who greenlighted-this, or who paid to see it at the theater, but both should be shot, or at the very least given shock-treatment. Grossed 30 Million My Rating 3/10​​​​​​​

Grossed 66 Million My Rating 3/10

Take out Casino and Total Recall and Sharon Stone's filmography resembles an over-flowing toilet.
Grossed 37 Million My Rating 3/10

This gangster film had the balance and intelligence of a 2 yr-old. Christian Slater will make MANY appearances on this list. The shame is that he isn't a bad actor, at all, he just has an affinity for bad films.  Grossed 21 Million My Rating 3/10

15.Inspector Gadget(1999)
I LOVED the cartoon. It was truly a childhood favorite of mine. Luckily my Mother didn't raise no fool, and I could see from the trailer that this wasn't going to be worth my time or money. Later I succumbed to my go-go-gadget curiousity and learned what I already knew.
Grossed 97 Million My Rating 2.5/10

14.Broken Arrow(1996)
So bad. Probably deserves a higher rating here. Hard to believe that John Woo could make a film this dull. Grossed 70 Million(really?) My Rating 2.5/10

Here's the film that separates the sane movie-lover from the easily entertained joe schmoe who doesn't see enough movies. This is a terrible movie. Haphazadly thrown together, music-video crap. The "Moon Patrol" hop across a mile-long crevasse makes me wanna drink unicorn frappicinos. Grossed 200 Million My Rating 2.5/10

The Toxic Avenger kicks Spawns ass..  one on one and as a movie..   that's not a good thing.
Grossed 55 Million My Rating 2.5/10

11.Stop of My Mom Will Shoot((1992)
If you see the words Stallone and Comedy in the same sentence - run for the Hollywood hills.
Grossed 28 Million My Rating 2.5/10

Boy the Pauly Shore craze came and went faster than that Unicorn Frappicino, but still didn't leave soon enough. Grossed 26 Million My Rating 2/10

Christian Slater should have been the one arrested. I watched have the theater clear by the 50 minute-mark.Probably the biggest mass exodus' I've seen along with "Pret-A-Porter" and "Smoke". Going through the motions 101. Grossed 21 Million My Rating 2/10

8.Rocky 5(1990)
Tommy Morrison's lines are more rigid than Old Chief Woodenheads from Creepshow 2. Easily the worst of the Rocky series.  Grossed 41 Million My Rating 2/10

7.Encino Man(1992)
Obviously, '92 was a banner year for flops. Brendan Fraser has always been over-rated as an actor, and this film is like Bio-Dome and Clan of the Cave Bear had a coma baby. Awful. Grossed 70 Million My Rating 2/10

6.Blue Chips(1994)
What a mess of a film. From the teeth-grindingly bad lines from the real-life athletes, to the disjointed climax-less storyline, "Blue Chips" is the equivalent of a participation trophy you want to take back.
Grossed 22 Million My Rating 2/10

5.The Specialist(1994)
The Director also did Sniper and Anaconda...    should have known.  Obviously, he's a specialist at making terrible films.
Grossed 57 Million My Rating 2/10

4.Beverly Hills Cop 3(1994)
Grossed 42 Million My Rating 2/10

3.The Avengers(1998)
This film was so bad that director Jeremih Chechik would be relegated to TV work for the rest of his career. Grossed 28 Million My Rating 1.5/10

There really, truly is NOTHING funny about it. I can find humor in black comedies, stupid comedies, physical comedies, teen comedies, so bad they're good movies, but I cannot find anything funny about this. If you think this IS funny - I don't think we can hang out. Terrible film. Deplorable. Adam Sandler owes me 7 bucks. If you see him, let him know. Grossed 161 Million(you have got to be (*#)($&^ kidding me) My Rating 1.5/10

1.Batman and Robin(1993)
Batman and Robin raised the bar on just how bad an anticipated film could be. The poster-child for miscasting, bad-writing, and lack-luster performances.. The top 5 are neck and neck and really could be in any order.
Grossed 107 Million My Rating 1.5/10

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The Top-25 "Coolest" Movies of the '80s

You won't see Raider's or Back to the Future on the list, but they're undoubtedly cool. I wanted to go a little more under the radar cool with this list. Not that there are some big titles on the list, but all these films have that little extra cool 80's edge to 'em.

So without further ado here's my TOp-25 "Coolest" films from the '80s.

A quick just missed list:Henry:Portait of A Serial Killer, Videodrome, Elephant Man, Bright Light Big City, Christine, Salvador, Blue Velvet, Mad Mad:Beyond Thunderdome, and Return of the Living Dead.

25.The Lost Boys
Schumacher's film makes the list for a couple of reasons.  Though it's a clear step-down from the rest of the list. The soundtrack is fantastic. Lost Boys transported Dracoola from medieval times(or at the very least the 70's) to the 80's. Some of the stars may have lost their 'coolness', but the film still has it.

24.Blow Out
The first of 3 films that De Palma has on the list. Why not? This film is super-cool! I guess the result of casting John Travolta, the trashy-nature of De Palma's characters, and some seriously amazing cinematography. Cool similarities between the opening of this and the opening of "Body Double".

23.A Better Tomorrow
"A Better Tomorrow" is an extremely cool little foreign film. Some of the music is a little hokey, but Mark(Chow Yun-Fat) is as cool as Dekker from Blade Runner, and "ABT" has some truly classic-cool 80's scenes. Great action, stylish, and a good story to boot.

You just new that Terry Gilliam was going to have a film or two on this list. Brazil is a really definitive look into Gilliam as a director. A million of these concepts/ideas have been regurgitated over the last 30+ years, but this is the original, odd, futuristic vision.

21.An American Werewolf in London
What a wacky trip. John Landis' film is a roller-coaster of tones and genre that is very self-aware, and extraordinarily entertaining.  Landis had another film, "Into the Night" that was considered for the list.

20.The Big Blue(Le Grand Blue)
The Big Blue is a vast, slow-moving, yet strikingly beautiful film from Writer/Director Luc Besson. I have my own reservations about how good a movie it is, but there is no doubt that it is cool. This could be playing on a backdrop at an art showing for all I care. A tough watch, but one that film-buffs would surely appreciate, The rest will think it's alright..    a bit long-winded at 3 hrs..

19.The Hunger
I still try to wrap my head around the fact that this is a Tony Scott film. You can see some of the style that he would use in later films, but this one has a raw-edge to it that none of the others do. I'd imagine a lack of funds probably lent itself to a more artistic vision. Interesting film. No lack of style/coolness here.

18.Sex, Lies and Videotape
Read the last summary. Same thing but for Soderbergh.

17.Time Bandits
Sure, this film has some of the camp that I was hoping to avoid on this list, but Gilliam has some unbelievably cool stuff in here. First, the film 'appears' to be in the future to start. Weird.. Second, the film ends with an orphan with no parents.  Third, there are AWESOME scenes where the word "cool" doesn't even begin to describe it. The early wall-pushing scene, the hanging cage scene, and every scene with David Warner as "Evil" is absolutely brilliant. Very cool movie.

One of the best opening credit sequences of all-time sets the mood, and then the dark humor and gore take center stage for the rest of the film. I would love to go back in time and see this with a crowd at a theater. The reactions with the crowd feading-off-of each other would have been fun. Very cool flick.

15.The Color of Money
From the opening credits, to the opening scene, to the music and performance from both leads. This is a cool 80's movie. Watching this film, you can almost smell the smoky hardwood of the pool halls, and cut through the dynamic of each, rich character. It also does something that NO other film has done, in seemlessly creating a sequel decades later with great references and nods to the original, starring the original character, and thrusting him into the 80's with style.

14.Wall Street
Wall Street made Wall Street cool - a concept that seemed unheard-of at the time. Awesome music, great editing, and Robert Richardson behind the camera makes for a super-cool '80s movie!

13.Streets of Fire
Walter Hills film is original, over-stylized, and glorious. Aside from 2-cheesy 80's music video montages, the film is non-stop cool. It's a weird, yet straight forward revenge flick. The music is fantastic, Gritty, fun, cool movie..

12.Miracle Mile
I'm pretty sure that "Running Out of Time" is the same Tangerine Dream track as "Love on a Train" from Risky Business. Tangerine Dream edges just about any film into consideration for a list like this, but throw-in an apocalyptic nightmare full of witty lines, colorful characters, rich symbolism and realtime action, and you get one of the coolest little movies from the decade.

11.The Hit
An extremely cool movie.

10.After Hours
One of the least known Scorcese films, and the 2nd Scorcese film to make the list.  After Hours is a spiraling deluge of oddball characters and missing plaster of paris paperweights. The scoring is sublime. Cool, cool flick.

9.Body Double
I'm a bit bias because I just love De Palma's movies, but what's not to love about this cool little film? Tons of Di-Opt photography, a great genre soup, and an effective horror mystery makes this one of the coolest films of the decade. Pino Dinaggio's score is incredible.

I'm not sure any film is as 80's as Scarface - yet the film is polished and ultra-cool. There are a couple of side-roles where the acting and accents are a little suspect(MEM - sry for the bus). It's just an amalgamation of so much talent and color here, that's it's impossible not to have it high on this list.

It really was way ahead of its' time.

Combine Ennio Morricone's music and the best Hitchcock-copy of the decade and you have a very cool flim. The opening, the roof scene, and the dance scene are amongst the coolest scenes of the '80s. Incredible cinematography.

5.Road Warrior
It never played like a sequel. This is what you get when you have an UN-American action film, something striking and original.

Michael Mann really put a bit more style into this one than his other films imo. Immensely cool movie. The blue lighting is both figuratively and literally cool.

3.To Live and Die in LA
Friedkin had more films from the late-70's that would have made this list. Great music from Wang Chung, and such a daring ending. Razor sharp direction, great action/pacing.

The coolest opening and ending of the '80s. "Drive", only made decades before.  James Caan adds to the cool factor. Oozes cool. Just buy this!

1.Blade Runner
Hard to argue against this as the coolest movie of the '80s. It's STILL NOT dated.  The music by vangelis is hypnotizing, and the film breaks all the conventional rules of the time.

Thanks for stoppin' by.

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The Top-25 Beer Drinkin' Movies of All-Time

There was a gigantic panel of 1, albeit an experienced one, that came up with this top 25. Many films missed the list for various reasons. Some were left off because they just stink("Beer(1978)" and "Beer League"). Others because they were about other alcoholic beverages with little beer quotient("Arthur", "Cocktail/close!", "Tree's Lounge"). The list is heavy on movies of the last 3-4 decades, and for good reason. Beer, once a taboo subject for filmmakers, gained 'steam' in the 80's with the party/boob comedies of the era. The '70s broke the ice, but the '80s put beer front and center.

Great beer scenes, beer plots, a reverence for beer, and overall quality played a factor in these rankings. The movies must have been enjoyable( I think?) and even more enjoyable to drink along.

So, without further ado, let's look at the Top-25 Beer Drinking Movies of All-Time.

let's start with a just missed(in no particular order):PCU, Fraternity Vacation, Cocktail, Hot Dog:The Movie, The Hangover, Project X, Bachelor Party, Diggstown

25. Bachelor Party 2:The Last Temptation
Not a terrible effort for a sequel that was produced decades later with different actors. This film has a little more focus on the suds with characters and extras than the original did. I'm not saying it's a better movie, because it's not.  Movie Rating 5.5/10 Beer Rating 8/10 Trailer:

24. Office Space
Fantastic comedy isn't all that beer heavy, but there's more there than you might remember. Love the Molson Ice! Plus, the whole anti-establishment vibe is perfect for relaxing with a beer. Movie Rating 10/10 Beer Rating 3/10 Scene:

23. Smokey and the Bandit
The entire plot is centered around the transportation of beer. A young, hot Sally Field, and a black legendary Firebird also help the cause. Movie Rating 7/10 Beer Ratings 4/10 Scene:

22. A Good Old Fashioned Orgy
Lots of beer, loads of sex and nice New England Summers.
Movie Rating 6/10 Beer Rating 4/10 Trailer:

21. Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel
75% of the film is shot in a pub. It's a fun little movie to enjoy with a pint.
Movie Rating 6/10 Beer Rating 4/10 Trailer:

20. 22 Jump Street
SUre, the hazing scene is probably what catipulted this average at best flick onto the list, but it's a great scene. Movie Rating 5/10 Beer Rating 6.5/10 Trailer:

19. Drinking Buddies
Not as light-hearted or funny as some of the other entries, but it's better that most movies who's entire plot is centered around the subject of beer. Movie Rating 5/10 Beer Rating 7/10 Trailer:

18. Slap Shot
I left Goon off the list because it didn't have quite as much beer drinking as Slap Shot. Movie Rating 8/10 Beer Rating 3/10 Scene:

17. Spring Break
Wet-T-shirts, Beer-Chugging, etc. Not the best movie, but it's still loads of fun with beer.
Movie Rating 4/10 Beer Rating 8/10 Clip:

16. 21 and Over
Miles Teller is very funny in this one. This flick is not only heavy on the drinking theme, but it's also a fantastic drinking-game flick - take a swig every time they mention the name "Jeff Chang". Good luck.
Movie Rating 6.5/10 Beer Rating 6/10 Scene:

15.I Love You Man
One great scene catapulted this comedy onto the list. Movie Rating 6/10 Beer Rating 7/10 Trailer:

14. Every Which Way But Loose
The beer quotient on this little late-70's flick is MUCH higher than you would imagine. Some fighting, an orangutan, and a surly beer carrying Clint. There is a beer in the screen for nearly half the film.
Movie Rating 6/10 Beer Rating 7/10 Scene:

13. Old School
It isn't quite as heavy on the beer drinking as it appears, but it IS a funny/good movie and that helps its' rating a bit here. Blue! Movie Rating 7/10 Beer Rating 6/10 Scene:

12. Bad New Bears
Walter Mathau carries a beer through 90 minutes of the movie, and a good movie at that. Movie Rating 7/10 Beer Rating 7/10 Scene:

11. Dazed and Confused
Any movie that fills the trunk of a 70's hot-rod with beer is just fine with me. At first glance it appears to be more about another drug, but the beer is all over this funny film. One of many themes of "the search for beer" on the list. Movie Rating 8/10 Beer Rating 7/10 Scene:

Here's a great little film from over the pond with easily the best beer plot of the lot. Pub-goers must stay drunk to stay unappealing to the flesh eating monsters that have invaded their seaport town.
Movie Rating 6/10 Beer Rating 9/10 Trailer:

9. Revenge of the Nerds
The beer-tri-cycle race is perhaps the greatest scene in the history of film. A belching contest. Beer-chugging on the horse-keg. This deserves a top-ten spot. Movie Rating 8/10 Beer Rating 8.5/10 Scene:

8. Superbad
This film moves-up the list based on the sheer effort involved in scoring some beer underage. It captures the essence of that plight and the reward is just as fullfilling. Funny movie. Movie Rating 8/10 Beer Rating 8.5/10 Scene:

7. Animal House
The quentessential party film? Certainly the first great one.
Movie Rating 8.5/10 Beer Rating 8/10 Scene:

6.Up the Creek
Ah, the sound of cascading empty beer cans can be heard throughout this Oscar-worthy film. When empties fall out of the cherokee doors every time they open - you know you've found yourself a hardcore beer-drinkin' film.
Movie Rating 8/10 Beer Rating 9/10 Scene:

5.Ski School
There is an unbelievably emotional scene when a beer spills. Marshak is a God.
Movie Rating 7/10 Beer Rating 9.5/10 Promo TV Teaser:

4.Let it Ride
Here's a film that oozes with beer reverence. From "Here Trotter, have yourself a nice beer", to "the head of the beer contains everything you need for survival, your a's, your b's, your c's.". Plus, it's just a blast to drink a few and watch this movie. Good things come to those who drink beer.
Movie Rating 8/10 Beer Rating 8.5/10 Scene:

3.The World's End
Four High School friends embark on a mission to finish the Golden Mile, a 12-pub, 12-pint crawl across their English hometown. Beautiful British Beer! Grab yourself a cold Fuller's ESB and hit play on the bluray. Movie Rating 7.5/10 Beer Rating 9.5/10 Opening:

2. Beerfest
The opening disclaimer tells you all you need to know,"WaRNING: if you attempt to drink this much, you will die". Hilarious movie! Under-rated. Movie Rating 8/10 Beer Rating 10/10 Scene:

1.Strange Brew
"as we spent most of our time searching for beer, eh". Strange Brew is a side-splitting, beer-drinking movie of the highest caliber. Mice in beer bottles, dog bowls filled with beer, working at a brewery, drinking off the line, laced-beer mind-control hockey, putting out a fire with piss,..  I mean this is the Holy Grail of beer drinkin' movies.
Movie Rating 8/10 Beer Rating 10+/10 Scene:

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20 Great, In-House-Date-Night Sleeper Flicks

Sure, we run to the redbox and pick-up two crappy new movies because we've seen everything else, and those crappy movies don't work for the in-house date-night because they stink, and because they're depressing, or cater to one or the others tastes.

Here's a list of sleeper flicks that fit perfectly for a date night. It may be a little chick-flick heavy because the hens rule the roost, but it's not ALL rom-com, and even the rom-coms should have a little for the fellas. I'm gonna make all these lighter-fare without too many seriously heavy themes or scenes. That should help everyone go to bed with smiles on their faces.

Lets go ahead and go better to best, #20 to #1.

20.Indian Summer(1993)
Indian Summer is a great date movie. It's a big-hearted comedy-drama that isn't too sappy or "millenial" for the older crowd, and not to old for the younger crowd either. The late Bill Paxton, Diane Lane, and Kevin Pollack star. IMDB rating 6.5 Rotten Tomatoes 66%(audience) Jeremy 6.5/10

Here's a neat little foreign film that should appeal to both men and women. It's a story about a poor-single father, and the little toy that the father brings home to his son. This film carries many different emotions, and has a great ending. IMDB 6.5 RottenTomatoes 53% Jeremy 7/10
Trailer(in english):

18.Love Actually(2003)
Follows many different characters in London, and their relationships, prior to Christmas. Went under the radar a bit. Worth checking-out if you missed it. IMDB 7.7 RottenTomatoes 72% Jeremy 7/10

17.How to Be Single(2016)
Here's a chick flick that works for both sexes. It's not you're cookie-cutter chick-flick. We don't know what's going to happen with the relationships in this one, and there's a little bit of style to the latter half of the film that, imo, sets it apart from similar films. A little bit of crass comedy bridges the generation and gender gap. IMDB 6.1 RottenTomatoes 47% Jeremy 7/10

16.Find Me Guilty(2006)
Easily the best performance of Vin Deisel's career. "Find Me Guilty" has some good relationship dialog and it's an interesting story based on true events. We all love a little courtroom thrown-in as couples too. IMDB 7.1 RottenTomatoes 62% Jeremy 7/10 Trailer:

Big-name stars headline this rom-com. The film is funny enough and overall the script is pretty good. Aside from the military subplot falling on its' head, the rest is aces. Has a lot to say about relationships. Obviously, I think this is better than the ratings on these sites. IMDB 5.4
RottenTomatoes 28% Jeremy 7/10 Trailer:

Keri Russel stars in this film about a good down-home southern girl in a bad situation. Easily the most "chick-flick" of the chick-flicks on the list, but still a good movie that the guys won't hate.
IMDB 7.1 RottenTomatoes 74% Jeremy 7/10 Teaser Trailer:

13.Just Like Heaven(2005)
Here's a tidy little romantic comedy with two good performances from Mark Ruffalo and Reese Witherspoon. It probably fell under the radar for most, but that makes it a perfect date night movie.
IMDB 6.7 RottenTomatoes 75% Jeremy 7/10

12.Just Before I Go(2014)
Here's a crass comedy, but one that tackles a lot of tough sublots and serious subject matter while doing so. Just Before I Go is a hilarious film. If either of you are easily offended by language/etc I would avoid-it, otherwise, check it out! IMDB 6.4 RottenTomatoes 58% Jeremy 7.5/10 trailer:

Ha, I got you on this one, didn't I? You read through these and were like, "I've seen all these"...   NO You haven't. This extremely low-budget film is really solid. Great concept and good execution consdering the lack of resources. Both of you should love this little film. IMDB 6.7 RottenTomatoes 72% Jeremy 7.5/10 Trailer:

10.Mr. Nobody
Another great little sleeper here. This sci-fi/dram-com went vastly unseen by American audiences. It's in english, and it's loads of fun. Worth seeking out. It's a wee-bit over-rated by IMDB, but it's still a solid sleeper-date-night-flick. IMDB 7.9 RottenTomatoes 76% Jeremy 7.5/10 Clip:

9.Before We Go
Captain American(Chris Evans) wrote and directed this smart, heartfelt, adult dram-com. Alice Eve and Evans are both great. No Hollywood ending, just a nice realistic adult dram-com.
IMDB 6.9 RottenTomatoes 54% Jeremy 7.5/10 Interview with Chris about the film:

8.Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
 I don't understand how this escaped a larger audience. Well, maybe it was because these "Hollywood themed" films always seem to be over-rated by the critics. And maybe because one of the main characters is gay? Either way, this film, starring Robert Downey Jr, Michelle Monaghan, and the gay private detective(Val Kilmer), is an absolute blast. Stylish, fast-paced and smart.
IMDB 7.6 RottenTomatoes 87% Jeremy 8/10 Clip:

7.St. Vincent
Here's a film with a gigantic heart, and solid adult themes.  Bill Murray is fantastic. The kid is fantastic, and Melissa McCarthy is also great. Feel-good, realistic movie. IMDB 7.3 RottenTomatoes 79% Jeremy 8/10 Clip:

6.Let it Ride
Here's one that caters to the fellas a bit more. A film about a cab-driver, gambling-addict who's "having a good day". The race-tracks seedy characters and smokey bars are dead-solid-perfect, and Dreyfuss is just awesome in this light-hearted comedy that should appeal to just about anyone.
IMDB 6.9(travesty) RottenTomatoes 75% Jeremy 8/10(raises just about every time I watch it) Clip:

5.Mr. Destiny(1990)
James Belushi stars in many good, under-rated little flicks. I probably should have included "Taking Care of Business" on the list too.  Here's a great little comedy/drama that co-stars Linda Hamilton and the late, great Michael Caine. IMDB 6.3(travesty) RottenTomatoes 57% Jeremy 8/10 Clip:

Jean Pierre-Jeunet is a master at whimsical. He's a master of cinematography and the use of color. This is the same director that brought you "A Very Long Engagement", which I left off for being a little too "heavy".
IMDB 8.4 RottenTomatoes 94%!! Jeremy 8.5/10 Trailer:

3.Before I Disappear(2014)
This is Tarantino/Cohen Brothers light.  "Before I Disappear" starts a little serious but the comedy quickly reminds-us that it's all in good fun, and the film oozes style and excitement. Awesome little flick that probably flew under both your radars.
IMDB 7.2 ROttenTomatoes 66% Jeremy 8.5/10 Clip:

2.Before Sunset(2004)
We all remember "Before Sunrise" with Ethan Hawke. The talky romantic/comedy/drama that ended with us all wanting more. Well, here's the more.9 years later. The sequel has more to say about relationships and fate than the original. It's actually my favorite of the three films, but if you can remember the first, "a story about two lay-over lovers who only have a couple of days to be with each other", or if that's ALL you remember, then PERFECT, you're in-line for a GREAT date-night movie that is well-written and acted. If you feel so inclined watch all-three, great, but this one is the best, and stands very well on its' own. Many of us left these two on the back burner after the 1995 original, shame. IMDB 8.0 RottenTomatoes 91% Jeremy 8.5/10 Trailer:

John Favreau, writer/director of Ironman, Swingers, SPy Kids, and many more, directed this fantastic film with a huge heart. At heart it's a father-son road-trip film, but it's decorated with good writing, beautiful color for the foodies, and good music. IMDB 7.3 RottenTomatoes 85% Jeremy 9/10 Clip:

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ten Beers for "Women Who Don't Like Beer"

First off, I do know that women-beer-snobs and hop-heads do exist, just not on this planet:) I know they exist in small numbers. I said I could name 10 beers that women who don't like beer might like. I didn't say it was going to be easy to find them. It may be easier to just find a chick who loves to pound Foster's Premium Oil Cans. You don't necessarily have to default to "Blue Moon"(not a bad option) or for goodness sakes "Michelob Ultra"(eeek) if you're trying to turn a non-beer-drinker onto beer. So without further ado here's 10 beers that may change your girls opinion of beer. The idea isn't to give them a beer that doesn't taste-like beer, it's to give them styles and higher qualities of beer that they may have never encountered. You have to remember how many beer-haters think all beer tastes like warm budweiser. Come aboard and think long-term on the benefits of turning your girl into a beer-drinker. "Honey, pick-up some of that Helles beer that YOU like so much and relax when you get home". Huh...   huh...

We'll  go in order 10th best to the best.

10.Velas Helles
Here's a brew that you can only get while you're visiting the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area, but numbers prove that many of us do just that. It won't be the last Helles style lager on the list. Helles lagers usually have a bit more flavor than your usuall adjunct mass-produced swill, and tend to be a little sweeter and fruitier. This is a light offering that pairs well with just about any food you put in front of her face. Price 9.99 six-pack, or a big mug(26oz) at the brewery for 5$.
Image result for velas helles

9.Terrapin Moo-Hoo Stout
This Terrapin offering is seasonal, but here in North Georgia and Tennessee you can find it laying around almost year-round and it has a good shelf-life at over 6%. The abv is well-hidden too, but its the smooth, velvety chocolate that could be a hit or miss for that beer hater. If this strikes out then you can cancel out any porter or stout for all-time. Also comes white chocolate and machiato spins(even harder to find). Price 8.99-10.99/6
Image result for terrapin moo-hoo

8.Mothership Wit
New Belgium's "Mothership" witbier is about the most poundable beer on the planet. It's light, even for the style, and has a nice velvet texture to it even though it's lighter bodied and lower on the abv. If she doesn't like this witbier, you're not likely to have too much success with the catagory. Price 7.99/6
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7.Weihenstephaner Original
I mean they've only been brewing since the freaking 9th century. This is an easy drinking beer with a little mineral/fruit taste that could be enough of a curveball for your average beer-hater. Price 10.99/6
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6.Chimay Red
Sure, the bottles will set you back about the same amount of money as that bottle of decent chardonnay, but the payoff could be YUGE. These monks can convert anybody. This stuff has a super-complex flavor of bright citrus and dark-fruit, subtle floral bittering hops, and awesome hard water brings it all together. The higher abv means it could serve a dual purpose. Was that politically incorrect? Price big bottle 10.99-13.99
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5.Stoudt's Gold
Here's one of my favorite beers in the United States, and unfortunately they are having trouble keeping or wanting to keep up with demand. It's a characteristic of good budding breweries, but not one that always agrees with my desires. It's brewed in Pennsylvania, and is easier to find in those parts. Soutdt's Gold is the best summer lawnmowing beer that has ever been brewed. It's the perfect helles. Subtle lemon hint, detecable hops, and a super-clean finish. Price 8.99/6
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4.New Glarus Rasberry Tart
Do you have anyone you know in Wisconsin? If so you need to request their transportation services. New Glarus has two perfect beers for women who don't like beer, but they don't distribute outside of the state of Wisconsin. You could also join a number of beer sites that have "trading communities". 11.99/6 big bottle 12.99
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3.Ayinger Brau Weisse
Here's a Crystal-Weisse that is what you imagined a "champagne of beers" would taste like before Miller butchered the concept. It's sublime. Near-clear, fruity, low-abv, and perfect on a hot summer day. If she doesn't like this she may not like kool-aid. Price 4.99-5.99 for a midsize bottle

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2..Augustiner Brau Lagerbier Hell
First off, if you have access to this, SEND ME SOME! This is the Helles of all traditional Helles lagers. If it doesn't work you'll be out about 5-6 bucks a bottle:(, and you'll know you married a complete moron.
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1.New Glarus Belgian Red
It's the most decorated beer in mid-size brewery history, and taste so unlike beer, that unless you told the person they were drinking beer, they may not even realize it. They pack 2 lbs of cherries into each bottle. Yes, 2 lbs.  The beer is absolutely fantastic, and the dream transition beer for the hater. Price 11.99 for a 6 or 12.99 big bottle
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